Age Message
7 years 9 months Merge branch 'jz-3.4' of into jz-3.4
7 years 11 months MIPS: JZ4740: Work around fbcon logo crash with SLCD.

The logo data is in the init section. However, when using the SLCD driver,
the fbcon code will try to fetch the logo data after the init section has
already been freed, potentially crashing the kernel.

This is a workaround because we have to release a stable kernel now.
The root cause should be found and fixed later.
7 years 11 months MIPS: JZ4740: Delay using msleep to prevent spinning for 0.5s.
7 years 11 months ASoC: JZ4740: Use msleep() to wait before enabling the DAC.

This fixes commit ef84c71ff3983379d031ec1eedf2ebb7567a43aa
which used a non-standard and ugly way to delay execution.
7 years 11 months ASoC: JZ4740: delay activation of the DAC to work around a sound bug.

A proper fix of that bug would require a big rewrite of the driver,
which (I hope) will be done eventually.
7 years 11 months MIPS: JZ4740: SLCD: Rely on jzfb->tv_out instead of detecting TV-out state.
7 years 11 months MIPS: JZ4740: SLCD: wait for VSYNC before panning display.

This ensures that a perfect image is sent to the LCD (no tearing).
- On TV-out mode, wait until the screen is done rendering the previous image.
The introduced delay can be up to 1/60 = ~16ms.
- On SLCD mode, wait until the previous image has been sent to the controller
through DMA. The wait occurs only the framerate is higher than ~78fps.
8 years 5 hours MIPS: JZ4740: SLCD: Don't enable the device clock twice on resume.
8 years 5 hours MIPS: JZ4740: Wait for delayed work to finish before disabling SLCD.

Otherwise, DMA might be disabled while a transfer is running, which
leaves the system in a bad state.
8 years 2 days MMC: JZ4740: Fix handling of read errors.

For no reason, the code handling write errors was implemented while
the code handling read errors was missing.
8 years 2 days MMC: JZ4740: Remove duplicated code.
8 years 14 days MIPS: A320: defconfig: Re-enable zram in kernel config.

It was automatically disabled during the 3.4 upgrade because zram was marked
as x86-only at that time.
8 years 14 days Re-enable zram and zcache on MIPS.

This is still not portable, but at least we've got the zram swap feature
back now in OpenDingux.
8 years 15 days ASoC: JZ4740: Convert a320 to use snd_soc_register_card().

Use snd_soc_register_card() instead of creating a "soc-audio" platform device.

This commit is the a320 adaptation of the qi_lb60 changes from Axel Lin's
commit d6871a8333af99bfe7505fc3b1222c340530c850.
8 years 15 days ASoC: JZ4740: Fixed compilation under 3.4.

The snd_soc_add_controls function is no longer public;
use snd_soc_add_card_controls instead.
8 years 15 days mtd: cc_ftl: Use MTD API instead of calling function pointers directly.
8 years 15 days MIPS: JZ4740: USB gadget: Remove include of no longer existing <asm/system.h>

Nothing from that header was actually used in the code.
9 years 9 months MIPS: A320: Default config for Dingoo A320.

This is the config from the jz-3.3 branch brought up to date for 3.4.
9 years 7 months Add defconfig for the Ben NanoNote

This is the config from the jz-3.3 branch brought up to date for 3.4.
9 years 2 months MIPS: A320: Add Dingoo A320 board support.

This is a squashed version of the development done in the jz-3.2 branch.
9 years 5 days OpenDingux: initrd: Specify initrd contents using text file

The gen_init_cpio tool will parse the text file and generate a cpio archive.

splashkill is a simple program that is meant to be launched directly by the
kernel, before mininit. It forks itself and sleeps until the ENTER key is
pressed; when it occurs, it enables the framebuffer console by writting to
a file in /sys. This permits to 'kill' the kernel splash screen, in order
to display the boot log.

The source for the mininit and splashkill binaries can be found here:
8 years 4 months MIPS: JZ4740: Add OpenDingux logo.
8 years 30 days MIPS: JZ4740: Acquire and enable DMA controller clock

Previously, it was assumed that the DMA controller clock is not gated
when the kernel starts running. While that is the power-on state, it is
safer to not rely on that.
8 years 30 days MIPS: JZ4740: Correct clock gate bit for DMA controller
8 years 30 days MIPS: Removed declaration of obsolete arch_init_clk_ops()