Age Message
6 years 7 months Update qi_lb60 defconfig to v3.9

Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <>
6 years 7 months media/radio/radio-rda5807.c: Wait for seek complete before return

All applications expects that the radio drivers make a synchronous
seek when trying to find radio stations. So this feature is
implemented here.

The rationale:
The hardware seek operation needs 35 msecs per frequency. We will
wait until the hardware finds a radio station, waiting 35 msecs for
each frequency (default spacing is 100 kHz).
When the flag STC (Seek/Tune Complete) is set, it means that the
hardware found a valid radio station, so we can return to the

If we don't find a radio station, we will return -ETIMEDOUT to the

Signed-off-by: Marcos Paulo de Souza <>

Maarten ter Huurne: Reworded comments, expressed timeout count using
constants rather than resulting value, return
immediately when tuned instead of breaking out
of the loop first.
7 years 2 months media/radio/radio-rda5807: Use module_i2c_driver instead of module_{init|exit}

With this change, we can remove some lines without any functional change.
This makes the code of the driver more simple.

Signed-off-by: Marcos Paulo de Souza <>
Commit 396052adc2acd662edcf725e0be206fb16060333, by Marcos Paulo de Souza
7 years 2 months media/radio/radio-rda5807.c: Use devm_* when allocating memory

With this change, we can get ride of some kfrees and have less code.

Signed-off-by: Marcos Paulo de Souza <>
Commit 88f823c1e7bde2f9daa50104419f03f7048a5c1e, by Marcos Paulo de Souza
9 years 3 months Add defconfig for the Dingoo A320

This is the config from the jz-3.5 branch brought up to date for 3.6.
9 years 1 month Add defconfig for the Ben NanoNote

This is the config from the jz-3.5 branch brought up to date for 3.6.
8 years 6 months OpenDingux: Add initrd

The initrd contents are specified using initrd/tree.txt. The gen_init_cpio
tool will parse that text file and generate a cpio archive.

splashkill is a simple program that is meant to be launched directly by the
kernel, before mininit. It forks itself and sleeps until the ENTER key is
pressed; when it occurs, it enables the framebuffer console by writting to
a file in /sys. This permits to 'kill' the kernel splash screen, in order
to display the boot log.

The source for the mininit and splashkill binaries can be found here:
7 years 10 months OpenDingux: Add logo

We have a full-screen logo that is used as a splash screen.
8 years 8 months MIPS: A320: Add Dingoo A320 board support

This is a squashed version of the development done in the jz-3.5 branch.
8 years 4 months MIPS: A320: Add SoC sound support for Dingoo A320
7 years 5 months MIPS: JZ4740: Work around fbcon logo crash with SLCD

The logo data is in the init section. However, when using the SLCD driver,
the fbcon code will try to fetch the logo data after the init section has
already been freed, potentially crashing the kernel.

This is a workaround because we have to release a stable kernel now.
The root cause should be found and fixed later.
8 years 6 months MIPS: JZ4740: SLCD framebufer driver

This driver sends the frame buffer to a smart LCD controller,
that is a controller with its own video memory.
It is a squashed version of development done in the jz-3.5 branch.
8 years 5 months MMC: JZ4740: Added support for CPU frequency changing

The MSC device clock is stopped before the frequency change.
After the change a new divider is computed and the clock is restarted.
Also the frequency change is postponed if an I/O operation is in progress.
8 years 8 months MIPS: JZ4740: Add cpufreq support

This is a squashed version of Uli's driver that was further developed
in the qi-kernel repository.
6 years 7 months ili
9 years 3 months MIPS: JZ4740: Added setting of PLL rate and main dividers

This functionality makes a cpufreq driver possible.
Squashed version of the development done in the jz-2.6.39 branch.
9 years 1 month qi_lb60: Don't use 3-wire spi mode for the display for now

The spi_gpio driver does not support 3-wire mode.
9 years 4 months Add ili8960 lcd driver

Includes the following changes from the jz-3.5 branch:
- Use module_spi_driver
- Use devm_kzalloc
- Use kstrtoul

Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <>
9 years 7 months Add jz4740 udc driver

- driver by Ingenic
- patch by Lars-Peter Clausen
- updated to 3.1 by Maarten ter Huurne
7 years 7 months MIPS: Removed declaration of obsolete arch_init_clk_ops()
7 years 2 months MIPS: JZ4740: Use round robin DMA channel priority mode

Round robin is performed over two priority groups of 3 channels each,
so an argument was added to jz4740_dma_request() to select priority group.

TODO: Verify if the hardware actually has the channels grouped [0..2] and
[3..5] or whether it uses [0..3] and [4..5].
7 years 2 months MIPS: JZ4740: Acquire and enable DMA controller clock

Previously, it was assumed that the DMA controller clock is not gated
when the kernel starts running. While that is the power-on state, it is
safer to not rely on that.
7 years 7 months MIPS: JZ4740: Correct clock gate bit for DMA controller
7 years 7 months MIPS: JZ4740: LCD: Fixed LCD_CMD consts and completed LCD_STATE consts

None of these constants are used so far.
7 years 2 months RTC: JZ4740: Init the "regulator" register on startup.

This register controls the accuracy of the RTC. uC/OS-II use
the RTC as a 100Hz clock, and writes a completely wrong value
on that register, that we have to overwrite if we want a working
real-time clock.

Signed-off-by: Paul Cercueil <>