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8 years 10 months FIXED hideous bug in the special function pin configuration that pretty much broke it completely.
Commit 57230db9994d9f15249d87f410b07c806a48a98c, by Ignacio Garcia Perez
9 years 11 days stash
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ4740: Fix pwm
9 years 18 days MMC: JZ4740: Drop clock_id field from platform data

Now that we use clkdev to perform the clock lookup it is no longer necessary.
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ4750: xz0032: Fix gpio-charger platform data
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ4760: lepus: Register more peripherals
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ4760: Fix NR_IRQS
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ4740: Fix NR_IRQS
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ4760: Add more platform device defintions
9 years 18 days MMC: Make the JZ4740 driver availabe on JZ4760
9 years 18 days FBDEV: JZ4740: Add basic jz4760 support
9 years 18 days MIPS: JZ47XX: Further generalize clock support

Share common clock management functions and structs between the sub-archs.
Also use clkdev for clock lookup, which allows us to assign a clock to a device
which is usful if we have multiple device instances of the same driver. (Like
for the MMC driver).
9 years 18 days JZ47XX: Add PWM support for JZ4760
9 years 18 days JZ47XX: Add GPIO ports for JZ4760 and some JZ4760 pin defintions
9 years 18 days JZ47XX: Fix JZ4760 access to vmalloc'ed memory

Without this magic value written to that magic register access to vmalloc'ed
memory hardlocks the CPU.
9 years 18 days RTC: Add support for the JZ4760 SoC to the rtc-jz4740 driver

The JZ4760 requires a magic value to be written to WRITE_ENABLE register before
other registers can be modified.

Signed-off-by: Lars-Peter Clausen <>
9 years 20 days MIPS: JZ47XX: PWM: Fix pwm_disable

With certain configurations the current pwm_disable implementation can cause
problems such that when re-enabling the PWM the output is always high instead of
the desired PWM signal.
By changing the order of the different steps in pwm_disable these problems no
longer appear.
9 years 20 days USB: Make JZ4740 OHCI driver available for all JZ47XX platforms
9 years 20 days MMC: JZ4740: Read status register before clearing irq flags

The JZ4750 and JZ4760 have additional bits in the irq register for the different
error conditions. If the bit in the irq register is cleared the matching bit in
the status register is cleared as well, so the status register has to be read
before those bits are cleared, otherwise error conditions are undetected.
9 years 22 days JZ47XX: GPIO: Add support for FUNC4

On the JZ4760 a pin can have upto 4 alternate functions.
This patch adds support for setting the 4th alternate function.
9 years 22 days JZ47XX: GPIO: Reuse sysdev 'id' field

Reuse the sysdev 'id' field instead of adding an 'id' field to the jz_gpio_chip
9 years 22 days Add JZ4760 specific base addresses
9 years 24 days JZ47XX: PWM: Set output direction on PWM pins.
9 years 24 days Add LCD reset gpio functionlality to jz4740-fb.
9 years 24 days XZ0032: Fix backlight PWM frequency.