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Source at commit b05a5adf03613de371c77c3235f7d970d7cd0c71 created 9 years 6 months ago.
By Lars-Peter Clausen, NAND: Optimize reading the eec data for the JZ4740 (evil hack)
blob Makefile 394 bytes
blob compat.c 17.44 kB
blob compat_mq.c 4.21 kB
blob ipc_sysctl.c 5.21 kB
blob ipcns_notifier.c 2.27 kB
blob mq_sysctl.c 2.78 kB
blob mqueue.c 31.24 kB
blob msg.c 21.36 kB
blob msgutil.c 2.87 kB
blob namespace.c 3.66 kB
blob sem.c 41.34 kB
blob shm.c 27.17 kB
blob syscall.c 2.37 kB
blob util.c 23.68 kB
blob util.h 5.41 kB

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