1config IEEE802154
2    tristate "IEEE Std 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks support"
3    ---help---
4      IEEE Std 802.15.4 defines a low data rate, low power and low
5      complexity short range wireless personal area networks. It was
6      designed to organise networks of sensors, switches, etc automation
7      devices. Maximum allowed data rate is 250 kb/s and typical personal
8      operating space around 10m.
10      Say Y here to compile LR-WPAN support into the kernel or say M to
11      compile it as modules.
13config IEEE802154_6LOWPAN
14    tristate "6lowpan support over IEEE 802.15.4"
15    depends on IEEE802154 && IPV6
16    ---help---
17    IPv6 compression over IEEE 802.15.4.

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