1menu "Bus options (PCI, PCMCIA, EISA, GSC, ISA)"
3config GSC
4    bool "VSC/GSC/HSC bus support"
5    default y
6    help
7      The VSC, GSC and HSC busses were used from the earliest 700-series
8      workstations up to and including the C360/J2240 workstations. They
9      were also used in servers from the E-class to the K-class. They
10      are not found in B1000, C3000, J5000, A500, L1000, N4000 and upwards.
11      If in doubt, say "Y".
13config HPPB
14    bool "HP-PB bus support"
15    depends on GSC
16    help
17      The HP-PB bus was used in the Nova class and K-class servers.
18      If in doubt, say "Y"
20config IOMMU_CCIO
21    bool "U2/Uturn I/O MMU"
22    depends on GSC
23    help
24      Say Y here to enable DMA management routines for the first
25      generation of PA-RISC cache-coherent machines. Programs the
26      U2/Uturn chip in "Virtual Mode" and use the I/O MMU.
28config GSC_LASI
29    bool "Lasi I/O support"
30    depends on GSC
31    help
32      Say Y here to support the Lasi multifunction chip found in
33      many PA-RISC workstations & servers. It includes interfaces
34      for a parallel port, serial port, NCR 53c710 SCSI, Apricot
35      Ethernet, Harmony audio, PS/2 keyboard & mouse, ISDN, telephony
36      and floppy. Note that you must still enable all the individual
37      drivers for these chips.
39config GSC_WAX
40    bool "Wax I/O support"
41    depends on GSC
42    help
43      Say Y here to support the Wax multifunction chip found in some
44      older systems, including B/C/D/R class and 715/64, 715/80 and
45      715/100. Wax includes an EISA adapter, a serial port (not always
46      used), a HIL interface chip and is also known to be used as the
47      GSC bridge for an X.25 GSC card.
49config EISA
50    bool "EISA support"
51    depends on GSC
52    help
53      Say Y here if you have an EISA bus in your machine. This code
54      supports both the Mongoose & Wax EISA adapters. It is sadly
55      incomplete and lacks support for card-to-host DMA.
57source "drivers/eisa/Kconfig"
59config ISA
60    bool "ISA support"
61    depends on EISA
62    help
63      If you want to plug an ISA card into your EISA bus, say Y here.
64      Most people should say N.
66config PCI
67    bool "PCI support"
68    help
69      All recent HP machines have PCI slots, and you should say Y here
70      if you have a recent machine. If you are convinced you do not have
71      PCI slots in your machine (eg a 712), then you may say "N" here.
72      Beware that some GSC cards have a Dino onboard and PCI inside them,
73      so it may be safest to say "Y" anyway.
75source "drivers/pci/Kconfig"
77config GSC_DINO
78    bool "GSCtoPCI/Dino PCI support"
79    depends on PCI && GSC
80    help
81      Say Y here to support the Dino & Cujo GSC to PCI bridges found in
82      machines from the B132 to the C360, the J2240 and the A180. Some
83      GSC/HSC cards (eg gigabit & dual 100 Mbit Ethernet) have a Dino on
84      the card, and you also need to say Y here if you have such a card.
85      Note that Dino also supplies one of the serial ports on certain
86      machines. If in doubt, say Y.
88config PCI_LBA
89    bool "LBA/Elroy PCI support"
90    depends on PCI
91    help
92      Say Y here to support the Elroy PCI Lower Bus Adapter. This is
93      present on B, C, J, L and N-class machines with 4-digit model
94      numbers and the A400/A500.
96config IOSAPIC
97    bool
98    depends on PCI_LBA
99    default PCI_LBA
101config IOMMU_SBA
102    bool
103    depends on PCI_LBA
104    default PCI_LBA
106config IOMMU_HELPER
107    bool
108    depends on IOMMU_SBA || IOMMU_CCIO
109    default y
111source "drivers/pcmcia/Kconfig"
113source "drivers/pci/hotplug/Kconfig"
117menu "PA-RISC specific drivers"
119config SUPERIO
120    bool "SuperIO (SuckyIO) support"
121    depends on PCI_LBA
122    default y
123    help
124      Say Y here to support the SuperIO chip found in Bxxxx, C3xxx and
125      J5xxx+ machines. This enables IDE, Floppy, Parallel Port, and
126      Serial port on those machines.
129    bool "Chassis LCD and LED support"
130    default y
131    help
132      Say Y here if you want to enable support for the Heartbeat,
133      Disk/Network activities LEDs on some PA-RISC machines,
134      or support for the LCD that can be found on recent material.
136      This has nothing to do with LED State support for A and E class.
138      If unsure, say Y.
140config PDC_CHASSIS
141    bool "PDC chassis state codes support"
142    default y
143    help
144      Say Y here if you want to enable support for Chassis codes.
145      That includes support for LED State front panel as found on E
146      class, and support for the GSP Virtual Front Panel (LED State and
147      message logging) as found on high end servers such as A, L and
148      N-class.
149      This driver will also display progress messages on LCD display,
150      such as "INI", "RUN" and "FLT", and might thus clobber messages
151      shown by the LED/LCD driver.
152      This driver updates the state panel (LED and/or LCD) upon system
153      state change (eg: boot, shutdown or panic).
155      If unsure, say Y.
159    bool "PDC chassis warnings support"
160    depends on PROC_FS
161    default y
162    help
163      Say Y here if you want to enable support for Chassis warnings.
164      This will add a proc entry '/proc/chassis' giving some information
165      about the overall health state of the system.
166      This includes NVRAM battery level, overtemp or failures such as
167      fans or power units.
169      If unsure, say Y.
172config PDC_STABLE
173    tristate "PDC Stable Storage support"
174    depends on SYSFS
175    default y
176    help
177      Say Y here if you want to enable support for accessing Stable Storage
178      variables (PDC non volatile variables such as Primary Boot Path,
179      Console Path, Autoboot, Autosearch, etc) through SysFS.
181      If unsure, say Y.
183      To compile this driver as a module, choose M here.
184      The module will be called pdc_stable.

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