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Oct 14, 2012
8 years 4 months Add source png file for kernel 6x10 font
8 years 4 months Add kernel 6x10 font
Feb 13, 2011
10 years 11 days setfont2: remove small glitch in fonts
Feb 12, 2011
10 years 12 days add box drawing glyphs to setfont2 6x10 font and unicode mapping
Oct 13, 2010
10 years 4 months There are now two example Pre fonts
Commit 267d16656c561d62e859b225576d251eb25dbb7c, by Neil Stockbridge
10 years 4 months There is now a tool for creating un-fuzzy fonts
Commit ecd17dc92a61b8c876910305e3e11644e9fd0fa0, by Neil Stockbridge
Jul 21, 2010
10 years 7 months Makefile is now generic
Commit 56fcd902301e573e2c5d5b49d079505765cfa811, by Neil Stockbridge
Jul 20, 2010
10 years 7 months The source files are now under revision control
Commit 5c45736740e5e63439692615506078427913ea18, by Neil Stockbridge

Development Team
Xiangfu Liu
Neil Stockbridge
Happy Crew