keybindings in vido

Ok, here a small list of what vido can do:

  • open and display contents of a zim file (on the console): vido [PATH TO FILE]

  • get a random article (in vido):

ctrl + r

  • search for an article (in vido):

ctrl + s

  • go back to last article (in vido):

ctrl + b

  • go to next article (if you went back before) (in vido):

ctrl + f

  • display your history (in vido):

ctrl + h

  • go to top (in vido):

ctrl + t

To move through links in an article use TAB. If you only want to scroll use the arrow keys.

Note: If you scroll the cursor doesn't move, which means that if you tab after you scrolled for a while the display will go back to the last link you selected.

Created: 14 years 20 days ago
by Mirko Lindner