Date:2011-09-07 01:33:44 (8 years 3 months ago)
Author:Werner Almesberger
Message:labsw/LOG: labsw occasionally doesn't do what it's told; described remedies

Files: labsw/LOG (1 diff)

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171171  1) add 10 k in parallel to LED (tested workaround)
172172  2) disable internal pull-ups and add external pull-ups to IN_*
173173     and to buttons
174  3) drive opto LEDs from 3.3 V instead of 5 V
174  3) drive opto LEDs from 3.3 V instead of 5 V (NOT ! Regulator
175     can only provide 100 mA, which wouldn't be enough if more than
176     two opto-couplers are active.)
177- labsw occasionally gets some configuration bits wrong. This may be
178  a problem with the power supply or with USB. Consider some or all of
179  the following improvements:
180  - follow SiLab's recommendations for regulator bypassing more closely
181  - enable the VDD monitor to catch brown-outs
182  - add ground areas to shield CPU and USB
183  - add redundancy to EP0 protocol
184  - add bead to relay power, to prevent upsetting the 5 V rail

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