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Source at commit 3f820dc41d82c78d972efe3c69f139f209a742f9 created 9 years 16 days ago.
By Werner Almesberger, cad/test2/README: added more results and cleaned up the text
blob Makefile 9 years 17 days Werner Almesberger: cad/test1/Makefile (cadmium.stl): corrected typo in file name 185 bytes
blob README 9 years 17 days Werner Almesberger: cad/: added description to 2nd series of tests and a pointer from the 1st series 12.56 kB
blob 9 years 17 days Werner Almesberger: cad/test1/: experiment with Free scripted CAD systems (OpenSCAD and Cadmium) 3.81 kB
blob button.scad 9 years 16 days Werner Almesberger: cad/test*/button.scad: remove definitions related to the pusher, not used here 3.95 kB

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