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Source at commit a6136bd02799bcab8d2e48fd21dc91f0fee0df41 created 7 years 10 months ago.
By Werner Almesberger, m1rc3/norruption/2/dumplock: use correct offset; fixed block number counting
blob 1g-dyadic 8 years 27 days Werner Almesberger: pkgology/1g-dyadic: package overview of dyadic 1G packages (based on 74xxx1G08) 883 bytes
blob 1g-monadic 8 years 26 days Werner Almesberger: pkgology/1g-monadic: additional package for single-input 1G chips 311 bytes
blob 2g-monadic 8 years 27 days Werner Almesberger: for completeness, also consider the 74AUP2G07 304 bytes

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