Age Message
9 years 10 days usbboot: fix hand.fw_args.cpu_id have wrong value when there is no 'boot' in commands
9 years 10 days usbboot: remove useless code
9 years 10 days [debian] update the URL, add new depends for jzboot
9 years 10 days Updated bundled jzboot.
9 years 10 days Fix Debian package name in configure helper.
9 years 10 days Update README to include jzboot building instructions.
9 years 1 month jzboot. submodule update

add version to jzbboot
9 years 1 month jzboot: submodule update
9 years 1 month update libusb-1.0 LIBS CFLAGS to

update package version define in usbboot, xbboot
update .gitignore
resolve the confilict file on "config.h"

Signed-off-by: Xiangfu Liu <>
9 years 1 month Use pkg-config to detect libusb-1.0.
9 years 2 months Adjusted to search for libraries required for jzboot.
9 years 2 months update jzboot
9 years 2 months add jzboot to build system
9 years 2 months Added jzboot as submodule.
9 years 2 months xburst-tools buffered output patch

It solves the problem that the progress bar in is
buffered and updated in bigger pieces.
With this patch in place, runs nice and smooth
9 years 2 months remove duplicate code
9 years 2 months add reset help
9 years 3 months update debian changelog
9 years 3 months update changelog, INSTALL
9 years 3 months update usbboot version
9 years 3 months update Changelog
9 years 3 months add new command: reset, then we can reboot device after reflash
9 years 3 months add JZ4760 EVB Lepus config file
9 years 3 months increate cmd buf size, some code style cleanup
9 years 3 months cleanup code style, cleanup command process function