Age Message
7 years 5 months debian: update debian stuff version
7 years 5 months debian: update changelog
7 years 8 months bump version
7 years 8 months Fix compile warnings
8 years 8 days fix helper-templates-in-copyright
8 years 18 days Update ChangeLog
8 years 1 month add BIG_ENDIAN support to usbboot
8 years 1 month add create tar.bz2 ball rule
8 years 1 month fix typo
8 years 4 months add a Makefile.firmware for only compile firmware
8 years 6 months cleanup project COPYING, ChangeLog files
8 years 6 months Merge jzboot as xburst-tools subdirectory
8 years 6 months remove jzboot submodule. will be merge with subtree
8 years 11 months usbboot: remove useless NAND_READ_TO_RAM from host.
8 years 11 months debug_ops should be char not unsigned
8 years 11 months fix spell
9 years 1 month ChangeLog, fix typo
9 years 1 month update ChangeLog
9 years 1 month debian: update changelog
9 years 1 month usbboot: fix hand.fw_args.cpu_id have wrong value when there is no 'boot' in commands
9 years 1 month usbboot: remove useless code
9 years 1 month [debian] update the URL, add new depends for jzboot
9 years 1 month Updated bundled jzboot.
9 years 1 month Fix -v to be less ugly.
9 years 1 month FIXED: values of CPUSPEED greater than 255 were misread because the value was directly read into handle->cfg.cpu_speed (uint8_t) before dividing it by the external crystal frequency, and overflow resulted. Now intermediate variable is used and only t
Commit 1cfb149d351c6e20bfa387de4dafdbc81cd5df11, by Ignacio Garcia Perez