File Age Message Size
blob .gitignore 8 years 11 months Xiangfu Liu: update libusb-1.0 LIBS CFLAGS to 153 bytes
blob .gitmodules 11 years 9 months xiangfu: blink led 0 bytes
blob .mailmap 9 years 11 months Jonathan Nieder: xburst-tools: Add .mailmap for git-shortlog output 465 bytes
blob COPYING 8 years 3 months Xiangfu Liu: cleanup project COPYING, ChangeLog files 246 bytes
blob COPYING.GPL3 10 years 9 months xiangfu: add COPYING file 35.15 kB
blob ChangeLog 7 years 9 months Xiangfu: Update ChangeLog 2.52 kB
blob INSTALL 8 years 10 months Peter Zotov: Update README to include jzboot building instructions. 971 bytes
blob 8 years 11 months Xiangfu Liu: add jzboot to build system 32 bytes
blob Makefile.firmware 7 years 9 months Xiangfu: add create tar.bz2 ball rule 907 bytes
blob 10 years 9 months shiyele: some cleanup (note this may break stuff, will fix in next commit) 79 bytes
blob 7 years 4 months Xiangfu: bump version 2.94 kB
tree debian
tree jzboot
tree usbboot
tree xbboot

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